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Penlon Prima 460 Anesthesia Machine

The Ideal Anesthesia Machine for the Modern Operating Room

With a 15.4-inch display, thePenlon Prima 460 is designed for clinician convenience. An intuitive user interface and a high-definition touchscreen monitor make this anesthesia machine easy for clinicians to learn and use.

The Penlon Prima 460 can be used on patients of all ages, and includes multiple safety features. Patient safety features include a backup O2 delivery system, total flow display, and an accurate mechanical anti-hypoxic device.  

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  • 15.4-inch HD touchscreen 
  • Includes airway pressure and your choice of two user-selectable waveform and respiratory loop displays. Choices are flow rate, tidal volume, P–V loop, V–F loop, and P–F loop. 
  • Seven ventilation modes. PEEP is available in all modes except manual.
  • Selectatec back bar can be used with any compatible vaporizer.
  • Three available cylinder yokes for O2, N2O, and medical air.
  • Backup battery gives power for up to one hour.
  • Anesthetic gas scavenging system.
  • Top shelf with mounting system for patient monitors.
  • Can be used with adults, children, and infants.
  • Dual flow sensors.
  • Audio and visual alarms.


Ventilation Modes

  • VCV
  • PCV
  • PSV
  • SIMV
  • SMMV
  • Manual 

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